Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pokemon Erotica

I nervously stood blushing before the Dragonite before me, having noticed his erection beginning to form.

Kyle: "Dragonite...I-I love you...but are you sure you want this?"

Dragonite: "Wimperes quietly as he looked down at the ground"

Feeling utter remorse for having brought this up in the first place.

Kyle: "No, I didn't mean it like that! I mean...I've wanted this for a while...but I only want to do it if you want to."

Dragonite smiled so generously at me, and I smiled back.

He lowered his paw down to my growing member and started to stroke it

slowly. I moaned while leaning against his warm chest.

I reached down to hold the Pokemon's own cock and started stroking it, making him wince slightly.

We began kissing passionately while keeping up our mutual rub.

His tounge felt so warm, so was a wonder I didn't cum right then and there.

After a few seconds of this, we broke the kiss.

I knelt down to face his erection, looking even larger than before.

I licked the tip lightly, noticing that it had a fascinating taste. I wanted more.

I closed my lips around the end of the Dragonite's throbbing penis and started sucking.

This made the Pokemon howl in pleasure as he held onto my head.

I continued to suck while moving his dick farther and farther into my mouth, until I couldn't get in in any deeper.

I kept up the sucking motions while using my tounge to mop up the precum that was oozing out of his cock.

I decided that it was time. I moved his member about halfway out of my mouth, and picked up the pace of my sucking and licking.

Feeling the Dragonite's convulsions and hearing his moans, I moved back to the head while sucking even harder.

Soon enough, he let out a loud howl.

Cum shot out of his member all around my mouth and down my throat.

I swallowed as much as I could and slipped my mouth off his softening dick.

Kyle: Your the best I've ever been with...

Dragonite:Let out a sigh and flapped his wings in a sexy manner.

Kyle: I love when you do that babe.Your the first guy Pokemon I been with also tehe.Wish you could talk like Meowth but you got better uses for that mouth don't ya sexy.

Dragonite: "Shakes head"

Kyle: Thats right just how Kyle likes it.

At that moment I became the best Pokemon trainer ever.

Something Ash Ketchum has never been able to accomplish.

I caught a Pokemon's heart,gave him a orgasm,and used my own balls.

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